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2009 Auto Exhibition

Apr 25th,2009 is a quite different day for me . That day is my first time to visit auto exhibition. Why this day give me a deeply impression? Not because of luxury cars,as well as pretty car girls, but my identity.
I was first time to be a stylist to take part in such a pageant. I and my friends make up for those car girls. Look at them, how splendid they are!
The girl below is my favorite model.
She got champion model in 2009 Auto Exhibiton. We were talking a long time in tiring-room. her character so nice.
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Birthday cake for you

Yesterday was my birthday. I want to share my birthday cake for all my friends.
I’m getting old now. 
I was happy every year. But this year, i feel lack of something. Maybe only Morgan company with me. I’m missing my parents and my friends at home.
I still remember last time i had a wonderful birthday party at home, still remember all of your guys happy faces, still keep the gifts and blessing from you guys.
I don’t know why i have  such a blue mood when i’m writing this article. i’m not a pessimistic person. In the city i’m living now, i wasn’t eager to do anything.
I guess because i don’t have your guys here.
Anyway, i will share my birthday cake for your guys. When you are thinking of me, please come to here with no hesitaion.
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Glamorous and flossy flossy

Today, i learn two new words . I find glamorous and flossy flossy share some parts of meaning. Flossy flossy is a amecican slang which means cool or pretty and charming thing. Glamorous means elegant. They all describe the pretty and beautiful thing. Through the context. you can easily grasp how to use them.
The interesting thing is that i confirm these two words with my friend who comes from USA. Can you guess what’s this friend told me? He asked me that "Is your friend who taught you these two words an old man?" "It sounds very old." I said no. He is only 21 years old. My friend said the slang is used in different way even in USA and he comes from california. The local people didn’t use flossy flossy to express cool. If your friend comes from another state, maybe their state use this way to express.
As a consequence, i know that when you learn a language, you have to known some culture. Words can’t be recognized in one way.
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My big day

3rd, May 2008 is a very big day for me. Today i finish my single state and with my mate to go to a different life. One of my friend ask me about feeling. My answer is definitely different. I will get used to learn how to live together with my another part.
 Today’s wedding ceremony was successful. My father’s speak touched me very much. I can’t help crying. The cry includes my appreciation, my attaching and too many things. Although, i’m busy with my wedding for whole week. It is deserved. Because of busy, my mom got sick. I can easily understand one mother warried about her only daughter and too tried, so feel uncomfortable.
I wanna thank you for all the people who attend my wedding, especially, those people who come from other proviences.
I will upload some pics later to memory the very treasure moment.
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2008-03-16 to2008-03-17 Malaysia(马来西亚游记)

Malaysia is a Moslemism country. I’m not know much of muslim except their mosque. I first to aware of that i’m in moslemism country is that there are lots of women cover their head . I’m thinking that i’m so lucky that i don’t need cover myself for hot weather.
Malaysia belongs to tropic zone. Along their boundary,through North to South, there are equatorial forest. We start our trip from here. On the way, we were told that here’s equatorial forest is one of few of un-destory rain forest in the world. We took bus to Kuala Lumpur . Before go to there, we arrive a place which is going to be the Malaysia’s new captial. Here is a mosque where bring some sounds. We were told that can not enter mosque except you are going to be a muslim. We were permitted to took photoes far away. It is too mysterious.
To be honestly, muslim don’t give me too much good impresses. It seems like that all the horrible things more or less related with them. They are mysterious. They keep a distence with outside so that common people like me don’t know them at all. Communication is a bridge among human beings. Hope they get more chances to express themselves in the future.
When i still thinking about the Moslemism, our tourist bus arrived Kuala Lumpur , the captial of Malaysia. This is a mordern city mix of classic. Before i came here, i’m never think about here is so mordern far away than my expectation.
 Malaysia’s original local people only malayan. British colonist bring some chinese and indians to be here . They use machine to get tin first, then they force chinese to get tin by hand. Why? Tin is rare metal, in order to get more tin and never lose any tin, british colonist force chinese stand in the water and get tin use their hand. Those indians were forced to build road to transfer tin. British colonist find that those people who from south of india have tan skin again the sunshine. They are the best worker for building road. Because of the reason above, Malaysia’s 38% population are chinese. Left are Indians and Malayan.
I heard a joke that malayan wait for the ripe fruit break awake them. Because of advantaged weather, local malayan are very lazy that they even don’t know how to farm. The only thing they need to do is pick up the ripe fruit to eat. They are going to have agriculture since chinese and indians came.
Chinese master the Malaysia’s economy. All of them are very rich, so malaysia’s law take sides of malayan. If you create a corporation, there must have 30% malayan directors.
Another funny things, if you are malayan and believe muslim, you can have four wifes in leagal. If you think have four wifes is a wonderful thing, you are wrong. You have to treat your four wifes fairly. It is not a easy job. If you have a small omission slipup, you wifes maybe divorce with you. Then, you have to stay along maybe whole life.
The second day in Malaysia, we visit the palace of king. This is the picture i took in front of guard of royal.
 That’s cool ,right?
In the afternoon, we went to a place which has a beautiful name top of cloud. There is famous for gambling. This is my first into gambling house. Everything is fancy for me. My friends joined these games. I heard they win some money. I and morgan just take a look. Gambling house forbidden take photoes. Here is the picture i took from cable car. 
The third day we went to Malacca- an old city. When i am a child, i had known this city. In chinese history, there is a famous person who name is Zheng He came to Malacca seven times. Zheng He is a eunuch of Ming dynasty. He done business with Malacca local people. Malacca is the first station for Zheng He and his team to south east of Asia. We visit the San Bao temple and San Bao well. San Bao is Zheng He’s another name. In order to memory this great person, local people build the temple and well. Behind the temple, there is a mountain. Local people also call this mountain San Bao mountain.
Malaysia is a diverse culture country. Even in same city, drive 10 minutes, you will feel the very diffenence environment.
Look at here, everywhere is european buildings.   When i’m walking along these places, it seems i ‘m living in 18 centry’s europe. That’s a cool experience.
This trip gives me too much. It enrichs my knowledge, bring me happiness. I’m starting to realize that it is not only China make rapid progress, other country including south east Asia countries also made a great progress. I think i will spend more time to learn other country’s splendid culture and try to figure out their nations. After all, future world belongs to the people all over the world.
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2008-03-15 Singapore(新加坡游记)

The first arrival of singapore , i start observing the most efficient country in the world. In domestic magazines and newspapers, I often read that this lion city has too much of cruel rules and regulations force people to follow. What on earth are local people living? Please follow me to have a adventure.
Let’s talk about the air hostess frist. Singapore airline has many  bridle-wise air hostess. Their uniforms are very similar with minority of chinese in Yun Nan Provence. Their attitude to passenger are very professional. I heard Singapore airline ‘s service are the best among craft brother in the world. Is that ture?
Singapore airport are really one of best airport i’v been to. They have full body massage chair and free internet surfing for passengers. The environment of airport like a mixture of big garden and shopping mall. You can eat food from western and oriental. They have skytrain shuttle among all buildings in airport. I’m very enjoy stay at this space although it is a airport.
Singarpore is a seaport, it is also a country. It is 3.5 kilometer length and 2.5 kilometer width. The 76% local people are chinese. Left 14% Malayan and  7% indian and so on. It is a garden city, because location in tropical zone, here always green all the seasons. It’s harbor is the most abustle harbor in the world. Avager per minute , one ship arrival and one left the harbor.
Singapore’s tourist guide is a man which i don’t like too much. His only target is taking us to shopping. I didn’t hear what he said the whole journey. The lucky thing is we didn’t stay with him too much time. He bring us to visit their capitol, national art museum and some symbol buildings of there. What ‘s my doing during that period? Guess.  I’m looking carefully to finding out dog-end  and durty thing along street. Because i don’t believe this country really cleaning like the legendary. Everything comes to him who waits. i find some and take some photoes. i have a proof to show my friend next time when they talk about singapore’s cleaning.
Singapore has another name lion city. The name come from British misunderstand. In Malayan’s pronounciation, singa means lion .Malayan believe here has lion since long long ago. When british ask the local people where it is, their answer is singa … . So, they call here singarpore untill now.
Singapore people believe geomantic omen. In order to attracted treasure they build three status of fish tail lion. They are new places where tourist group must go to. I took photo with them too. If you touch the beard of them, you will get good fortune and wealth. Look at me, i’m touching the beard.
It is bored with tourist guide. I’m lucky, i have a friend in singapore. He drived us to see the real singapore. He told me however you drive, it is not spend more than half an hour in singapore.
 i saw the indiantown which called little india and some red-light district. Here is picture that morgan try the mutton soup.
If you are chinese, you will not feel here is oversea. Everywhere has chinese charater. Even local indians can speak fluent mandarin. This is a multi-culture’s result and also singapore’s charm.
Singapore’s prostitute is leagal too. I can not understand one thing. One woman looks like 60 or so , but she also take this job. Maybe this is culture shock.
We stay in singapore not too long, next target is Malaysia.
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